Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

Today is Father's Day. Its always been a strange holiday for me. I didn't know who my biological father was until I was 16, which made things really akward. Once you get to this point in your life bonding becomes impossible. My father and I had little in common and we missed all of the good bonding moments in life. My gramdfather died before I even knew who my father. Both of them were heavy into auto racing. I probably would have loved this, but missed that chance.

I know have a son of my own. He is adopted from the Philippines. We have been honest with Joseph about his adoption and I think that is for the best. He also has a Mother, Father and brother in the Philippines whom someday he will hopefully get to meet, but he too with have that same awkwardness I had with my father.

I guess it really goes back to something I had mentioned in an earlier blog: "In life, we're usually closer to those that are not related to us than those who are." This of course is probably more focused on me than everyone else, but It really applies to everyone. I mean you're not really related to your spouse, and If you are you're probably from Kentucky. ;-)

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