Sunday, April 28, 2013

Not so Manly Man

We had some water damage in the kitchen a few months back and finally had the floor replaced. We also went ahead and had the living room carpet redone. You really never know how much you won until you have to move it. I am an excellent mover though. I become very practiced as a kid. My parents seemed to break up and get back together just about every year. I moved quite a few times. Not to mention the times in the Navy.

I think most people would probably be bothered about their parents breaking up over and over. I don't think it really bothered me too much. Actually, I think it lead to my temperament today. I actually strive in times of conflict. If some thing major happens and it has to get fixed, I'm your guy.  However, If it's a home improvement project, I'm probably not the right guy though. I am terrible at DIY and I become a real pain in the ass when doing home improvement projects. I don't think I could have ever survived in a manual labor job. Thank God my job just requires me to think and figure out problems.

It is kind of funny when you get older, You can accept your failings a bit better. I think the lack of manual labor capability is probably closely related to my inability to play sports. I don't mean I am unable to play them. I am just god awful at sports. I tried baseball and softball in the navy. I couldn't hit a ball to save my life and my running can only be described as pitiful. I think the lack of capability also lead to my lack on interest in sports. I was speaking with a co-worker about Game of Thrones. He starts telling me how George R.R. Martin has a beef with the Jets Coach over trading a corner back. I of course know who the Jets are but I have no idea what the hell a corner back is or does. So my coworker starts explaining, which I soon realize is worse than me not knowing.

A similar incident occurred when I was having lunch with a group of guys at work, and they asked which baseball team I followed. Without thinking, I reply "I don't watch that shit." As you can probably imagine lunch was immediately over. It's funny, My mom once told me some of the neighbor girls thought I was gay at one point. This was probably the farthest thing from true, but after looking at the lack of manly interests I can understand why.


  1. Hell, I'm a girl and people look at me like I grew a third eye right in front of them when I say I don't watch that shit. I could give a rat's ass about any kind of sport.