Sunday, May 26, 2013

The courage to write any stupid thing I think of....

I love Jenny Lawson. I know there's probably something wrong with her, but there is something wrong with all of us. The thing that amazes me about Jenny Lawson is the fact that on her blog she is fearless. She will literally talk about anything. My hero.

I have always wondered about gay guys who say they only date straight guys. I mean at some point the straight guy becomes gay and the mystery must be gone. I thought it odd that people looked for a something that had such a short shelf life. I guess it's no worse than looking through porn to find a girl that totally didn't look like she'd do porn. You watch the video, and yep she did and is no longer interesting. What has become of us all? I guess it's no different than any other part of life. We strive to try new things, some of us anyways, and then once we've tried it.... it's no longer special. I guess the lesson here is the fun is in the search and not so much in the finding. Yeah, I know. You're like what in the hell is he talking about this time. I don't know. The first thing that popped in my head.

Oh lord, may be I'm becoming the Girl You Wish You Hadn't Started a Conversation With at a Party


  1. 1. I've never heard of Jenny Lawson, but I now feel compelled to Google her.
    2. There is definitely something wrong with all of us.
    3. Gay guys dating straight guys is a thing? Like, a real thing? I've never heard of this. How are the allegedly straight guys talked into dating another guyif they are so straight? Isn't it really gay guys dating deeply, deeply closeted guys? This is fascinating me...I think I'm too sheltered here in Podunk. lol

  2. 3. Yep it is. I think it's probably more comparable to the girl who only dates married guys. It may be more a lustful thing than an actual thing. I don't know, but it seems to popup from time to time in articles.

  3. It also could be that I watch way too many documentaries and read too many strange articles.

  4. You'll enjoy Jenny Lawson. You should totally pick up her book. At first the book comes off to Jokey, but it begins to pay off a few chapters in.